“My brother, Andrew, suffered a tragic injury to his head in April 2014, which resulted in him being paralyzed on his left side. He has been a resident of Centinela Skilled Nursing since then. He has no family in California. His mother is 87, lives in New York, and has been unable to travel to see him. I reside in Ohio and the minute we learned of his condition, I flew out to see him in May. As you might imagine, we were deeply concerned with what happened to him and how he was being cared for. I recently returned to see him and spent an entire day at Centinela.

While my heart is broken when I see my brother in his condition, I am very pleased with his care at Centinela. I sat by his side for over eight hours on December 17th and observed closely what was going on around him. Every member of the staff I met was pleasant and did everything they could to make my stay pleasant. Andy was well fed, clean, and his bed was clean and comfortable. The staff was attentive to his needs and focused on his wellbeing. From what I saw, this same kind of excellent treatment was happening to every resident at the center.

I also met with Ruby (Director of Business Development) to complete a number of important papers, and found her to be exceptionally bright and very focused on providing great customer service.

On behalf of our family, I wanted to thank you and the entire staff for the exceptional care of Andrew. Even though we are thousands of miles away, we rest more peacefully knowing that he is in such good, loving hands as yours.”
— Keith L.

“The most difficult choices we face are those revolving around the welfare of a parent so dearly beloved and cherished. The personal attention Mom received from many at Centinela Skilled Nursing helped me come to realize just how caring and dedicated your staff is. It is for all the “little” things and all the people, too countless to mention here, that we are able to get through this most difficult of times comforted by the knowledge that you all cared, too.”
— Jessica J.

“It’s reassuring to know that there’s a special place like Centinela Skilled Nursing right in our own backyard. If Mom ever has to seek long term care, I would not hesitate to have her readmitted to Centinela..”
— Stacey Q.

“Your entire staff deserves commendation. Each employee is always so pleasant and helpful. My father feels very secure with the wonderful nursing staff, as well as expressing her delight with the chefs and the delicious meals they prepare.”
— Sandra H.

“This was the place… the only place, that we would ever have wanted Mother to be. Mohsen and Justin, your staff is absolutely amazing and we thank you all for making us feel ‘at home.'”
— Denise Y.